Papers Published in 2010

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Berger, Jonah and Morgan Ward, (2011) “Subtle Signals and Inconspicuous Consumption.” Forthcoming, Journal of Consumer Research.
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Deng, Xiaoyan, Sam K. Hui and J. Wesley Hutchinson (2010), “Consumer Preferences for Color Combinations: An Empirical Analysis of Similarity-Based Relationships,” forthcoming, Journal of Consumer Psychology.
Graefe, A. & Armstrong, J. S. (2010). Comparing face-to-face meetings, nominal groups, Delphi and prediction markets on an estimation task. International Journal of Forecasting (forthcoming).
Hardy, Sam, Amit Bhattacharjee, Karl Aquino, and Americus Reed II (2010), “Moral Identity and Psychological Distance: The Case of Adolescent Parental Socialization,” Journal of Adolescence, 33, 111-123.
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Mogilner, Cassie (2010) “The Pursuit of Happiness: Time, Money, and Social Connection” forthcoming in Psychological Science
Mogilner, Cassie Jennifer Aaker and Kathleen Vohs (2010) “Non-Profits Are Seen as Warm and For-Profits as Competent: Firm Stereotypes Matter” forthcoming in Journal of Consumer Research
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Zauberman, Gal, Jonathan Levav, Kristin Diehl, and Rajesh Bhargave (2010). 1995 Feels so Close Yet so Far: The Effect of Event Markers on the Subjective Feeling of Elapsed Time. Psychological Science. 21(1), 23–31.

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