The WBL provides extensive support for all behavioral research needs.

The On-Campus Lab activity is scheduled quarterly.  Time is made available outside of normally scheduled  hours to meet “extraordinary” needs.  Normally scheduled hours are 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm daily.  Sessions are scheduled to provide sample sizes of 150 to 200 participants for each study.  The Lab provides a turnkey operation: study request is made, requirements are provided, study is scheduled, study details are provided to the Lab. The study is run with results returned to the Experimenter for their review and analysis.

For those studies run outside the On-Campus Lab, experiments are supported on an ‘as requested’ basis. Each experiment is reviewed and the best way to satisfy the study needs is identified.

Can I use the Lab?

If you are a new researcher, please contact Mary Spratt, Associate Director, for on-campus projects as soon as possible. The WBL runs on a schedule and accepts requests at the beginning of each cycle (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter). Remote studies run on a first-come, first-serve basis, as allocated by openings in the schedule.

You must meet the following criteria in order to receive support from the WBL:

1. Must be human subject research
2. Must be working with a Wharton faculty member as co-author
3. Must have a Penn IRB
4. Research must be intended for publication in an academic journal
5. The WBL must be acknowledged in all publications.

For On-campus studies

You must have a PennKey to create a request. Complete request form here.

If you do not have a PennKey please reach out to Mary Spratt for assistance.

For Specialized Panel support (online panels, M-Turk, etc)

1. See information on Specialized Panels. These studies are handled by Susan McCafferty, Sr. Research Coordinator, and are considered separate from the WBL schedule.

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