WBL Online Special Panels

Specialized Panels

For those studies requiring respondents other than the On-Campus panels, contact Susan McCafferty, Sr. Research Coordinator for the Behavioral Lab.

The most frequently used online platforms are Qualtrics, Prolific, Mechanical Turk, and Connect by Cloud Research.

Qualtrics Panels

Qualtrics is a panel provider while also being the University’s survey software of choice. Qualtrics software is a powerful cloud-based survey and statistical analysis tool that is full featured and available to all faculty, staff and students.  The software is intuitive and provides a wide range of design options.  The specialized panel service supports refined demographics meeting experimenter’s varied requirements.

Please contact Susan McCafferty to find out more information or to request a Qualtrics quote.

Mechanical Turk, Connect, and Prolific

Mechanical Turk, Connect by Cloud Research, and Prolific are crowd-sourced internet panels. These panels provides access to a large responsive body of respondents at a low cost.  They continue to grow in popularity with experimenters by being a low cost, fast, and reliable source of data.

First steps to run an experiment on MTurk, Connect, or Prolific

The researcher must submit the following information to Susan McCafferty for approval before running a study on either of these platforms. This information is tracked and the budget reviewed before approval is provided. This information will also be used for the reimbursement process. The WBL reimburses for approved HITs only.

  1. Title
  2. Research Project Title
  3. IRB #
  4. Faculty contact
  5. Panel (MTurk, Prolific, Connect, etc.)
  6. Approximate Cost
  7. Total # of participants
  8. Payment per participant
  9. Who prepaid for the study and should be reimbursed
  10. Specific information regarding who will be sharing the cost – budget info re: applicable grants, Darts accts, etc. and the 26-digit Penn budget code


If a researcher is seeking reimbursement for studies run on MTurk or Prolific they should submit the above information along with the following documentation to Susan McCafferty.


  • AWS Billing Invoice and Cloud Research lab fee transaction history
  • If there are multiple HITs processed for your request, please provide screenshots of the specific batch details for each HIT. Make sure this includes study title, approved workers, dates ran, and the study cost details including Cloud Research lab fees


  • Download the Detailed Summary
  • Top-up email of prepaid HITs or download the paid invoice from the Finance tab

Connect by Cloud Research:

  • Screenshots of both the batch details and the “View Details” section of the batch, which breaks down total costs
  • Screenshots of the credit card payments or the Connect Transaction History

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