WBL Lab Resources

The Behavioral Lab is comprised of two 20 seat facilities. Each facility is staffed with a lab coordinator, research assistants and student assistants. The labs operate 5 days a week providing a target sample size of 150 to 200 participants for each experiment. Each hourly session supports from 1 to 12 experiments, determined by complexity.

Both facilities use cloud computing and webcams which are time-synced with the materials being presented. Researchers are able to record and analyze the moment-to-moment reactions of study participants to what they are viewing on-screen.

Additional Lab Resources

The Lab Offers

  • 40 Dell Optiplex machines
  • Webcams at each desktop
  • 6 Breakout rooms with observation cameras
  • FaceReader/emotion software
  • Mirrored window for observing activity in each lab

Wharton Behavioral Lab
Steinberg Hall – Dietrich Hall
3620 Locust Walk
Suite 400
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Email: Wharton Behavioral Lab