WBL On-Campus Lab

Requests to run studies in the lab are accepted prior to the start of each semester. Please let us know if you would like to be added to the listserv to receive notification of a callout for experiments. 

Study Guidelines

Please note the following:

  • Session details for your study are required two weeks before your scheduled start date.
  • Final links and materials MUST be submitted one week before your scheduled start date.
  • All studies need IRB approval prior to the scheduled start date.
  • If you want to use the focus group rooms that MUST be stated in the request.
  • Each study is required to have its own consent form AND ask for WBL Lab ID.
  • The lab provides two RAs for each session. If your study requires more please make arrangements to provide your own RAs.
  • Requests from PhD students require a faculty advisor’s approval.

If your experiment has requirements better suited for a field study, online study or focus groups, please see the information about Specialized Panels.

If you want to run a VR, Biometric, or Eye Tracking Lab Study:

VR, Biometric, or Eye Tracking Lab Study

  • The experimenter is responsible for developing the stimulus presentation programs
  • We can offer a maximum sample size of 50 participants every 2 weeks
  • WBL will honor our typical financial split
  • The experimenter may need to provide RAs and detailed protocol instructions
  • WBL will provide training for VR, Biometric, and Eye Tracking systems
  • WBL will provide IT support for our computers and hardware devices

For details about conducting a virtual reality or an eye tracking experiment, please contact Robert Botto.

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