The Wharton Behavioral Lab

The Wharton Behavioral Lab (WBL) provides world-class support to help Wharton faculty and students investigate fundamental questions about how people think, act, and make decisions. The WBL staff, technology, and lab space enhance the productivity of scholars at Wharton by recruiting participants and running experiments.

The WBL is now paying all studies at increased rates of $15/hour and $10/30 minutes!

2023 WBL Summary

Published Articles

73 Working Papers

Active Researchers

55 Faculty, 19 Students

Academic Departments

Mktg, Mgmt, Oid, Bepp,
Lgst, Acct & Psych

On Campus Studies

♦ 89 Sessions

♦  7,337 completed surveys

♦ 32% decrease in completed surveys from 2022

Specialized Panels

♦ 2,477 studies

♦ 941,395 total participants

♦ 1% decrease in completed studies from 2022

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Wharton Behavioral Lab
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