Hardware and Software

The Behavioral Lab provides the following hardware

6 SMI Red-m Eye Tracking fixed systems and 1 SMI ETG Eye Ttracking system with 3D glasses and lightweight recording subnotebook for field studies. Uses for the Mobile eye-tracking glasses  range from gathering consumer data in retail settings to observing individuals in urban settings . The Fixed eye-tracking systems are used in a variety of ways from gathering information about responses to different web page layouts to the impact of different shelving displays in stores.

  • Eye trackers provide data about attention and preferences of test participants.  Gaze direction reflects attention and blink frequency associated with mental load.  Scan paths indicate how people look at websites and advertisements;  which part of an advertisement, picture or web page they actually notice, how long they look at various items.
  • Also supported in the Lab for eye tracking is a chin rest for stability and a light meter.

SMI Experiment Center and BeGaze software for eye-tracking data gathering and analysis.  Experiment Center and BeGaze software provide a powerful platform to record and analyze gaze tracking data.

Noldus Face reading/emotion coding software.  This software is capable of automatically analyzing facial expressions, providing users with an objective assessment of a person’s emotion.  This information is integrated with eye-tracking data to provide more robust results.

  • Facial expressions are objectively analyzed incorporating Ekman’s guidelines

2 Biopac systems researchers use to measure physiological responses during experiments.  The physiologic measures include heart rate, electrodermal activity, pulse rate, etc.  This data is incorporated with the eye-tracking data to provide robust data.

2 iMotions licenses which provide a biometric research platform for multiple hardware systems and biometric sensors.

2 Shimmer GSR hardware devices

The Behavioral Lab has customized, sophisticated recruitment and enrollment software which enables:

  • tracking of participants
  • monitoring monies earned
  • federal tax information
  • ensures privacy compliant with IRB requirements
  • easy registration
  • variable quotas
  • communication with participants
  • filtering of panel demographics

The Behavioral Lab supports the following software

  • Web Browser
    • IE
    • Firefox
    • Chrome
  • Dell Webcam Center
  • z-Tree
  • E-Prime 2.0
  • Microsoft Office
  • Flash/Shockwave Player
  • Media Lab
  • ChatPlat

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