Papers Published in 2017 and 2018

2018 (as of June)

Berger, Jonah and Alixandra Barasch, “A Candid Advantage? The Social Benefits of Candid Photos,”Social Psychological and Personality Science, Forthcoming.

Berman, Jonathan Z., Alixandra Barasch, Emma E. Levine, and Deborah A. Small (forthcoming), “Impediments to Effective Altruism: The Role of Subjective Preferences in Charitable Giving,” Psychological Science.

Berman, Jonathan Z. and Deborah A. Small (2018), “Discipline and desire: On the relative importance of willpower and purity in signaling virtue,” Journal of Experimental Social Psychology76, 220-30.

Buechel, Eva and Jonah Berger, “The Value of Undirected Communication: The Role of Social Apprehension in Microblogging” Journal of Consumer Psychology,

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Chang, E.H., Milkman, K.L., Chugh, D., & Akinola, M. Diversity Thresholds: How Social Norms, Visibility, and Scrutiny Relate to Group Composition. Forthcoming at Academy of Management Journal.

Coleman, Nicole Verrochi, Patti Williams, and Andrea C. Morales, (forthcoming) “Identity Threats, Compensatory Consumption, and Working Memory Capacity: When and Why Feeling Threatened Leads to Heightened Evaluations of Identity-Relevant Products,” Journal of Consumer Research.

Dai, H., Dietvorst, B., Tuckfield, B., Milkman, K.L., & Schweitzer, M.E. (forthcoming). Quitting when the going is tough: The downside of high performance expectations. Academy of Management Journal.

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Minson, J. A., Van Epps, E., Yip, J. A., & Schweitzer, M. E. (2018). Eliciting the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth: The effect of question type on deception. Organizational Behavior & Human Decision Processes, 147, 76-93.

Mislavsky, Robert & Uri Simonsohn (forthcoming). When Risk is Weird: Unexplained Transaction Features Lower Valuations. Management Science.

Mogilner, Cassie and Michael Norton (2018), “Preferences for Experienced versus Remembered Happiness,” Journal of Positive Psychology.

Schrift, Rom Y., Jeffrey R. Parker, Gal Zauberman, and Shalena Srna (2018), “Multi-Stage Decision Processes: The Impact of Attribute Order on How Consumers Mentally Represent Their Choice,” Journal of Consumer Research, 44(6), 1307-1324

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Warren, D. & Schweitzer, M. (Forthcoming). When lying doesn’t pay: How experts detect insurance fraud. Journal of Business Ethics

Weingarten, E., Bhatia, S., & Mellers, B. (2018). Multiple Goals as Reference Points: One Failure Makes Another Outcome Feel Worse. Management Science, in press

Williams, Patti, Nicole Verrochi Coleman, Andrea C. Morales and Ludovica Cesareo (2018), “Connections to Brands that Help Others vs. Help the Self: The Impact of Awe and Pride on Social Benefit and Luxury Brands,” Journal of the Association for Consumer Research , 3 (2), 203-215.

Wu, Eugenia C. & Keisha M. Cutright, (2018) “In God’s Hands:  How Religion Dampens the Effectiveness of Fear Appeals.”  Journal of Marketing Research, 55(1), 119-131.

Yip, J., Schweitzer, M., & Nurmohamed, S. (2018). Trash-talking: Competitive incivility motivates rivalry, performance, and unethical behavior. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes. 144, 125-144.


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Wilkinson-Ryan, Tess. “The Behavioral Paradox of Boilerplate,” forthcoming in the Cornell Law Review (2017, vol. 103).

Yip, J. A., & Schweinsberg, M. (2017). Infuriating impasses: Angry expressions increase exiting behavior in negotiations. Social Psychological & Personality Science, 1, 1-9

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